AWPclan Server Rules


Applies to all AWPclan servers

Do not disrupt the server in any way.
Any interference with our server operation by non-admins will result in permanent ban.

No foul, degrading or racist remarks of any kind.
Giving people vicious names is not welcome on AWPclan. Servers are public spaces like a town square, please behave accordingly.

No Griefing / Complaining 24/7
If you dont like it here, you dont have to play here. Constant griefing will result in mute/gag.

No blocking players with nades within to lock them in place. [Only trapnades allowed]
It is annoying and it is disrupting server / making player leave.

Calling people ­”nigger” “nigga” “kike” “faggot” or anything close – instant silence
No warnings necessary. There are other servers allowing it, you can go and play there.

Little smack talk is ok but keep it respectful. No insults.
There is a limit. Any smack talk turned insult-trash talk that annoys everyone might result in mute or even ban.

Responding with insults to other players when provoked will result in mute/gag.
“I didnt start it” makes no sense. If you respond viciously with insult after getting insulted you are breaking rules.

Cheats, exploits or scripts are not allowed.
Instant ban, no warnings to “turn off” cheats necessary by admin.

No recruiting/advertising of any kind.
Recruiting for other clans/servers will result in warning then ban.

Impersonating AWPclan admin/owner/member is not allowed.
Please dont pretend to be somebody you are not. Come as you are or dont come at all.

No voice/chat spam or radio spamming.
Excessive use of mic or chat will result in permanent mute/gag or radio block…because it is annoying.

No Inappropriate Names.
Hacker,stupid nigger,filthy jew… to name a few etc.

No advertising of hack websites.
Instant ban – No warnings

Admin disrespect results in ban.
If you have problem with AWPclan admin bring it up to clan leadership on discord. No arguing on server is allowed.

No recruiting for PUGs on AWPclan servers.
IP-s posted on chat, “missing one”, join here: xx.xx.xx.xx etc is not allowed. Please use steam to invite players.


Final decision of what is acceptable is left up to the AWPclan admins on the server.
Admins are guardians of the server. Admin decision should be respected in any situation. They are also human and they make mistakes sometimes. If you dont agree with admin decision, join our discord to clear things up.